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Electronic Medical Records: Transition Staffing Services

Where Planning Meets Practice

The required transition to electronic medical records (EMR) has the potential to positively transform our nation's healthcare system. Yet, for those who are tasked with implementation, it can be a daunting and overwhelming endeavor.

Staying High-Touch During Your Switch to High-Tech

For nearly five years, our EMR Transition Staffing services have helped clients craft a staffing strategy that ensures a smooth and successful implementation process.

We work with facilities to:

  • Maintain appropriate staffing levels during training, roll-out and post “go-live.”
  • Maximize your budget by utilizing an effective mix of travel and local contract professionals.
  • Share best practices and approaches for either phased or one-time implementation programs.
  • Provide clinical directors to oversee the staff fulfillment process, including screening, orienting, and training supplemental staff.

We've partnered with large, complex health systems and small-to-mid-size facilities during their EMR implementation. All agree that having a competent expert by their side to help oversee, execute and optimize the staffing component was invaluable during this crucial undertaking.

To learn more about AMN Healthcare company and our SingleSource® technology, speak with a workforce specialist.

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